5 Ways Content Localization Improves Global Customer Experience

uses of content localization

People like to spend time on websites that are written in their native languages and reflect their local culture and ways of talking.  People are also hesitant to buy from companies if their online support is not in their language. This includes chatbots that offer help.

When the numbers are looked at more closely, more than 56% of consumers say that being able to get information about products and services in their native language is more important to them than the price. Also, the same source says that more than 40% of companies that are considered luxury brands have set up a localized Facebook presence. These localized pages are growing faster and getting more people involved than their global counterparts.

Here are 5 ways that content localization makes the experience of customers around the world better and why you should generate local content for your website:

1. Email and social media marketing

Are your email or social media marketing campaigns customized for each country, or do you just assume that everyone speaks English so that is your main business language? Getting people’s attention is much easier if you know what language they prefer or at least use the main language of the country they are in.

2. Your Online Site

Making a website that works in more than one language doesn’t just mean putting the same content in another language. Localizing a website means taking into account differences in culture, legal requirements, buying habits, and payment methods, to name just a few of the many things that need to be thought about. You should have your website localized in such a way that reduces friction in your customer’s path to purchase.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Have you done international SEO? Is your website set up in such a way to make it easy to navigate? Many brands put a lot of money into their content, but no one finds it because they don’t do the simple things that make it easy to find. To increase the visibility of your localized website in search results, it is important to identify the most appropriate terms and key phrases to employ. Using this and other forms of multilingual SEO (search engine optimization), you will be able to expand your audience, rise in the SERPs (search engine results page), attract more visitors, and ultimately succeed. When conducting keyword research, it is essential to avoid the common mistake of just translating keywords from your domestic market. You must discover how people in your target market talk about your products or services.

4. Customer Support Means

It is essential to provide customer service in the preferred language of your clientele. This can be facilitated in part by providing localized customer service options. Partnering with a customer service outsourcing firm that is based in the same time zone is ideal. Additionally, you may want to think about having the chatbot’s content translated and localized for the intended audience. Even the frequently asked questions part of your site needs to be localized by a trained expert.

5. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) localization

Customer happiness, conversion rates, and revenue are all influenced by the UX, thus it’s crucial to have a good one. Due to the potential impact of content localization on user experience, it is essential to keep this in mind as you plan your website translation project. Consider the visual style of the components that make up your user interface. To appeal to a wider audience in a specific market, you may need to make some adjustments to the user interface (UI), such as using a different color scheme to avoid activating undesired cultural connections.

Simply said, localizing your website’s UX and UI involves attending to your audience’s wants and needs in order to create a pleasurable and productive online experience.

What does Perfect Doc Studio offer?

Automation is the key to getting the best results when it comes to personalizing and localizing customer communications. A CCM solution that is fast enough to automate the localization of customer communications in near real-time and cheap enough for newer businesses to start getting the benefits of content localization can be a good enabler of personalization and localization strategies in this process.

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