What is an Automated Phone Call? An automated phone call, as the name suggests, is a friendly voice message that is pre-recorded and sent to your customers and/or contacts by phone. It can be used for many business purposes, such as a customer experience survey, payment alerts or reminders, sharing important brand updates, upselling, general […]

Introduction Customer communications management solutions are utilised by businesses that want to seamlessly communicate with their customers while making sure that the information is easy to update, maintain, share, and reuse. The key challenges with today’s enterprise-level customer communications management solutions lie in the technical complexities and the hazy clarity around their pricing structures. Parts and pieces of these […]

The world of digital communications in business is evolving. Many businesses are beginning to realize the importance of Customer Communications as a sure-fire way to reach new users and thus expand into the newer market. With the hope of creating market opportunities beyond borders, these businesses are optimizing how to identify their customers, prospect them […]