Reimagine customer experience with Humanised Automated Phone calls

What is an Automated Phone Call?

An automated phone call, as the name suggests, is a friendly voice message that is pre-recorded and sent to your customers and/or contacts by phone. It can be used for many business purposes, such as a customer experience survey, payment alerts or reminders, sharing important brand updates, upselling, general communications, HR communication, research, and more.

Automated phone calls can be sent through a voicemail system, an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, or, most commonly, a no-code, software solution like Perfect doc studio that can work on its own or connect to your CRM.

Benefits of using automated phone calls to grow your business

Using automated phone calls to grow your business can help you in many ways. It makes it easier for the company to:

1. Be more efficient

In today’s business world, time is one of the most important assets for any company. Automation helps to streamline the most important parts of a business while saving people time. Also, with automated phone calls, your brand can stay in touch with customers as needed, while employees can focus on other important tasks.

2. Be more cost-effective

One of the winning factors about automation is that it helps businesses of all sizes grow quickly and save money. With automated phone calls, you don’t need to hire more people to keep in touch with your customers.

3. Reach more people

We’ve already talked about how automated phone calls can be sent to a lot of people at once. During a crisis, this benefit comes in handy.

4. Improve your brand’s message

You can go back and change written content as many times as you want. But when you make a phone call, you can’t change it later. With automated phone calls, on the other hand, you can try out different messages and improve them over time.

5. Be more customer-centric

We all know that customers are the most important, right? Well, you can treat your customers like they are really important when you use automated phone calls. They give you the chance to share useful information that might not be on your website or social media pages. Use alerts or reminders at the right time to get their attention. Make sure that all of the most important points in a customer’s lifecycle are taken care of with modern digitalization and friendly communications. It gives your customer a full experience that makes them feel like you care about them.

6. Contract Renewals or Retaining Customers

Automate regular, thoughtful check-ins with your customers to remind them that their contracts are coming to an end. This will help you keep more customers from leaving. You can also use automated calls to get in touch with the people whose sales deals you’ve lost to find out what went wrong and why. This can help you get better at making sales in the future.

7. Accelerates responses

Clients responded on average 60% of the time. Automated phone calls make it easier to reach people, get them to sign up, and make a sale. This is because they don’t involve people, so they don’t have to deal with conflicts or bad experiences. This makes mobile communication faster and easier.


In conclusion, automated short voice calls can be an excellent way to stay in touch with your customers and potential leads. They work well and quickly, and they can be used to send a wide range of information. It lets your team work quickly, independently, and with just one click.

Perfect Doc Studio

Perfect Docs Studio is an all-in-one Customer Communication Management solution that is made to fit these market trends. It is built with the future in mind, so that as market trends change, they can be quickly reflected in your customer communication processes. This means that your business won’t have to use different products for different markets. With Perfect Doc Studio, you can use our voice studio to make personalized voice messages that sound like they were spoken by a real person. You can choose from around 220+ voices in 40+ languages and even use your customers’ own slang to surprise them. To keep the conversation going, you call your customers at their phone numbers and leave them your own personalized voice messages.


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